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Supernova Living Carbon

Supernova Living Carbon

New from ATM. This is not your father’s carbon. Supernova is ALIVE. Combined with ATM’s Outbreak! this is one dynamic duo.

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Trusted by public aquariums around the world, ATM Colony true nitrifying bacteria is the standard in establishing bio-filtration immediately at all levels.

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What Are The Pros Saying?

Here's what aquatics specialists are saying about ATM Pro Formuals

“We cycled over 40 display aquariums in our showroom with Colony and now swear by it.”¬†Matt Fry, Charterhouse Aquatics, London

ATM’s eco friendly product range allows Green Chapter to set up and maintain our freshwater aquascapes cleaner and faster. Its the next step to the all natural aquarium.” Roland Seah, Green Chapter (Singapore)

“I have been using ATM’s products for over 2 1/2 years. In the past I have used several other products from other companies and I rank ATM’s formulas among the very best.” Timothy Williams, ATL Aquascaping (Atlanta, GA)

“I always go in armed with ATM products and I’m like the Chuck Norris of the aquatics world! Perfect results every time, there is only one brand for us, ATM. ” Mark Burton, Ocean Design (Oslo, Norway)

“Colony is our best selling product and our clients have been really happy with it. We have used ATM products in our tanks and we can assure they work.” Jose Avila, Reef Valley (McAllen, TX)

“ATM products have helped us fulfill our clients needs and solve their problems with the highest success rate of any products we have come across.” Mike Calli, Global Aquatics (Ontario, CA)

“ATM products are excellent because of their wonderful results for maintenance. Especially Colony, to start with new tanks. They make the hobby simple and successful.” Juan Rivera, JR Wholesale (Bayamon, Puerto Rico)

“ATM Products are one of the very few products I have found that do what they say they do. As an LFS owner this comes at a high premium.” Frank Garner, Frank’s Tanks (Fort Worth, TX)

“The ATM products work like a symphony with amazing results. I only wish these products were available sooner.” Rafael Belo, Tropical Marine Importadora (Curitiba, Brazil)

“I initially sampled Colony to prove it didn’t work. A chap can admit when he’s wrong. Aquatics Express is now ATM UK serving all of England and surrounding territories.” Craig Carson – Aquatics Express (Norwich, UK)

  • Matt Fry, Charterhouse Aquatics, London
  • Roland Seah, Green Chapter (Singapore)
  • Timothy Williams ATL Aquascaping USA
  • Mark Burton, Ocean Design Norway
  • Jose Avila Reef Valley, USA
  • Mike Calli, Global Aquatics USA
  • Juan Rivera, JR Wholesale PR
  • Frank Garner, Frank’s Tanks (Fort Worth, TX)
  • Rafael Belo, Tropical Marine Importadora Brazil
  • Craig Carson, Aquatics Express UK