Nitrifying Bacteria.

Two of the most divisive words in the aquarium hobby.  It is quite the phenomenon how these bacteria, which perform the most important function to the health of the overall aquarium, has created such a complete mess of bad information, lack of understanding, and outright disdain.And the sheer amount of different varieties of the aforementioned is troubling.

At ATM Aquarium Products we deal with biological cultures on a daily basis, most visibly our true nitrifying bacteria culture Colony.  These cultures are relied upon by home aquarists, public aquariums, aquaculture, aquaponics, waste water, and a number of other industries where the rapid establishing of bio-filtration comes at a premium.  All told, ATM’s team has 30 years of experience formulating, packaging, and distributing biological cultures including nitrifying bacteria (the real ones).

Because of this unmatched experience with the application of producing and distributing biological cultures, the following is the definitive information and fact sheet you will need on nitrifying bacteria and nitrifying bacteria products.

While reading this article it is important to remember that these are the facts.  All of these facts can be checked and verified very easily with minimal effort.  The kind of microbes we are discussing have long since been classified, isolated, studied, and applied as bio-remediation tools for a long time.

There will be a few laughs, a few tears, and a few uncomfortable moments, but we’ll get through this together!

Ready?  Let’s do it!




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