Follow The Evidence

Waiting weeks and weeks to cycle an aquarium is called by many names:  “Long Cycle”, in literal terms,  “Natural Cycle”, in contextually incomplete terms,  and “Old Cycle”, in contemporary terms.  Clearly, each term signifies a different perspective.  And clearly there is a major disconnect going on.

This disconnect is easily cured by a commitment to the facts.  We have covered the facts about nitrifying bacteria, how they live, and what in their characteristics that allow them to be packaged, safely shipped, and imported. Through these facts it is irrefutable that there is not one single factor that is prohibitive to the integrity of the claims made by Colony.

Every day in the world some industry is utilizing an imported nitrifying bacteria culture to correct a bio-filtration problem.  As time goes by this practice gains popularity, not loses popularity.  Why would that be for something that doesn’t work?  Keep in mind these are real industries with real problems that require real solutions.

True nitrifying bacteria are livestock.  They are alive. Therefore, we must treat them like livestock.

The facts are always our friends.  They are always there, ever shining through the dark void of opinions and bias.




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