Rapid Cycle No Less Natural

When establishing bio-filtration over weeks, what is it that we are waiting for?  We are waiting for a few bacteria to become millions of bacteria.  That’s it.  That’s what the whole wait is about.  Nothing more.

Some will say “I still prefer to cycle the aquarium naturally”, meaning waiting the six weeks for a few bacteria to populate to the tune of millions.  This is an insinuation that waiting weeks is more “natural” than importing the lot of them directly.  One way is no more natural than the other.  It makes no difference where the bacteria grew and multiplied.  Whether by ATM’s team or in your aquarium, they are the same bacteria that took the same time to develop that consumed the same energy sources.

Saying the long cycle is more “natural” than a rapid cycle by imported true nitrifying bacteria cultures  is the same as saying a clown fish imported from a local fish store is less natural than one born in your aquarium.

And those are just the facts.




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