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Its not just a slogan, but a reality.  ATM formulas are professional grade products used by the highest levels of aquatics and oceanic industry. From public aquaria to home aquaria, ATM products are trusted tools for challenging jobs.


ATM products are developed and proven solutions to problems in commercial and industrial remediation .  Because of this distinguished vetting of our products, our unique commitment to the hobby is a stable of tools that are accurately and truthfully represented and work as advertised.


Specializing in bio-remediation, the ATM Products development team has over 80 combined years of experience manufacturing, packaging, and distributing true nitrifying bacteria and other biological remediation tools.  This industry-leading expertise has made our signature product, Colony, the #1 nitrifying bacteria culture on Earth.  It has also paved the way for industry innovations such as Paradigm, Supernova Living Carbon, Alka-Haul, and Triage.


Equal to providing top tiered products is the education required to understand and use them properly.  It imperative that the education that comes along with using ATM products results in a better understanding of the aquatic environment.

ATM Aquarium Products are available world wide.



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