Pro Formulas, Pro Results. Its not just a slogan, but a reality.

In today’s aquatics it is important to know the key products that are essential and practical for aquarium keeping. Look no further than ATM Aquarium Products.

These formulas are professional grade products used by the highest levels of aquatics and oceanic industry. From public aquaria to home aquaria, ATM products are trusted by numerous industries. This is what sets ATM formulas apart from other products that are only seen in pet shops:  Actual use in the field.

ATM Aquarium Products are focused and simple as it should be. Our aim is to bring to the aquarium enthusiast the same common sense tools trusted by industry for decades. What’s more, you get exactly what you read on the label. No clever language. No misdirection. No repackaging the same products in different labels to make the line “bigger”. ATM proudly leads the charge into a new “quality and credibility” driven era.  ATM Aquarium Products are also proprietary and not available under any other label.

Our signature product, Colony, has become world renowned in less than two years.  Eliminating the need to wait and guess for weeks while establishing bio-filtration, Colony is now a mainstay in the aquatics industry.   With almost 30 years under their belt, our scientists at ATM easily have the most experience in producing, packaging, and distributing live true nitrifying bacteria cultures than anyone in the world ever.

Aquarium setups is our business. That’s why it’s important for us to be there in the early stages of your new aquarium so that you are fist bumping instead of pulling your hair out. ATM Aquarium Products has assembled the most knowledgeable and experienced team in the world for product formulation, production, and application. Their dedication to quality and effectiveness is reflected in each and every product in the ATM line.

ATM Aquarium Products are now global, available in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Norway, Trinida, Puerto Rico, and Australia.

More countries countries and more great products coming soon.

Pro Formulas, Pro Results.

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