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The Global ATM Family

The Global ATM Family

  • Author: TheShark
  • Date Posted: Sep 18, 2013
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Welcome to the ATM Global Dealer Locator where you’ll find members all over the planet of the ATM family!  Zip code?  What zip code?  Find where you live and zoom in!


  1. I want to buy an acrylic tank from ATM – plus products – for freshwater acquarium. Where do I turn next? I’m based in Peoria Illinois – three hours from Chicago.

    • Hello Les,

      In regard to products just call 855-BLU-SHARK. For acrylic questions call 877-TANK-ATM. Sorry for the delay replying. Good luck and holler back if you need any more help.

  2. Do you have an authorized dealer here at calgary alberta canada?

  3. Buenas tardes

    Una pregunta en México no hay un lugar que venda sus productos o que realice tanques?

    Gracias por responder Saludos.

  4. Hi im jordan just seeing how to get a fish tank thru atm in maine

  5. Do you have a dealer in Mexico City?.

    Best Regards

  6. Do you have an authorized dealer in Kansas?

  7. Do you have a dealer in Switzerland?

  8. Can you be able to do a tank in South Africa

  9. Do you have a dealer in Ireland?

  10. do you have a dealer near Gardner Mass

    • I believe the closest to you is Laconia Pet Center in New Hampshire.

  11. I am interested in your stands with the filtration set up incorporated in the stand

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