It was about this time two years ago that ATM Pro Formulas were making a splash in the US market.  Within the last 12 months ATM has grown around the world on the merit of their performance.   ATM’s products make serious claims, but that’s okay with serious tools as ATM has proven by doing heavy lifting for consumer aquariums, aquarium design companies, and public aquariums around the globe.

But we wouldn’t be able to do it without our growing family of international partners.  One of them is world-renowned aquascape professionals and overall geniuses, Green Chapter.

Green Chapter has been wowing us in 2013 with their amazing set-ups and projects, but what is just as impressive is their relationships with aquatic enthusiasts who patron their locations in South East Asia.  Providing the best in products, advice, and education, Green Chapter takes aquarium keeping at the enthusiast level very seriously and are paving the future of our beloved industry.

Green Chapter Operational Director, Roland Seah:

How did Green Chapter come about?  When did the company form?
GC started out of passion and boredom of desk jobs. Jake and I started it back in 2004. We started as a design and maintenance company and gradually developed our current outfit comprising of Design and Installation, Maintenance, Production, Export, Local Wholesaling and Retailing.

What has led to your commitment to ATM aquarium products?
ATM does exactly what it said it can do and nothing less, which is impressive versus many other products. After trying out the first bottle, customers return for their 2nd without having to shaft it into their hands, this speaks volume of the performance and reliability of the product.

What has Green Chapter gotten most out of ATM Pro Formulas?
Better water, less algae, less work means everybody is happier including the fishes!

What advice do you have for new aquarium hobbyists?
Take care of the water and everything else will take care of themselves. Trust the Shark!

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