Fully Loaded Buffering Machine

Alka-Haul Reef is able to go where other products can’t, keeping target alkalinity values much longer, while boosting biological integrity throughout the system. This is made possible by its complete multi-source formula that prevents fast depletion and provides the fundamental building blocks of your system’s biological activity.

226.8 grams


Bio-available Supplementation

Alkalinity benefits living organisms in a variety of ways. From improved coral reproduction and fish stress reduction to bio-filtration, alkalinity is essential to the ecosystem as a whole. The natural reef is the most changeless observable ecosystem on Earth, and the long term stability provided by Alka-Haul will help keep your reef’s KH value rock steady.


  • Multi-Source Alkalinity Buffering
  • Longest Lasting KH Stability
  • Increases Beneficial Bacteria Efficiency
  • Enhances All Biological Activity

Plugging In The Gaps

When used with ATM Hot Salt, achieve the longest sustaining water parameter consistency available to today’s aquarists.  Because we source the highest quality raw materials, life simply thrives with ATM manufactured products.


“We cycled 40 display tanks in our showroom with Colony and swear by it.”

Matt Frye

Owner, Charterhouse Aquatics

“Colony is our best selling product and our clients have been really happy with it.”

Jose Avila

Owner, Reef Valley


Dosage for Alka-Haul Reef couldn’t be easier. Its professional concentration raises KH 17.9 (or 1 dKH) in 55 liters of water.



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