It is an honor for ATM to work closely with Global Aquatics in Ontario, CA. Mike Cali understood early on that a tropical fish store doesn’t need great visibility, placement, and signs in order to succeed. A fish store needs great service, selection, and customer satisfaction that creates a word-of-mouth wildfire that traditional advertising can’t match. Global Aquatics is a true “destination” business success. Set up in a large industrial park in Ontario, CA, hobbyists from all around Southern California find their way to Global. In the nearly 10 years we have been working with Global Aquatics, we have seen Mike and his staff work diligently to grow the business even amidst challenges the years have presented. Global Aquatics is a hallmark of the aquatics industry and a great examples for fish stores everywhere to follow!

Owner Mike Cali explains his success simply:

“Global Aquatics has been a leader in the industry for over 30 years. Operating in a warehouse full of tropical fish, aquariums, and pet products, we put total emphasis on providing the best service and quality of information to the public. We also specialize in custom designed aquariums, providing installation and service after purchase. We have found by keeping a very extensive supply of tropical & marine fish, using quality products, and having a well trained staff, we have been able to grow our business steadily.

We have been providing ATM products to the public from the very beginning. This has helped us fulfill our clients needs and solve their problems with the highest success rate of any products we have come across.”

See inside Global Aquatics here:



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