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As Season 3 of “Tanked” premiers tonight on Animal Planet, we’re excited to coincide the event with the announcement that ATM’s acclaimed signature products will soon be available in Great Britain through our new friends at Aquatics Express.

Opening its doors in 2009, owner Craig Carson has nearly 30 years experience in aquatics from the hobbyist side of the coin and has been lucky enough to now utilize his experience gained to provide high quality aquatic dry goods from many of the major manufacturers, to customers throughout the UK and Europe. The main shop is located in Norwich, Norfolk with a new venture just starting in Norway.

Aquatics Express aims to supply individuals with an extensive range of aquatic dry goods and prides themselves in their fully rested and acclimated livestock from around the world, with as many sustainable sources as possible. The friendly staff ensures customers get the goods they need at a pocket friendly price and livestock won’t leave the shop if Mr. Carson isn’t happy with it.

“At Aquatics Express we like to hold our ethics, we won’t sell fish that aren’t suitable or we feel a customer can’t keep; we would rather turn down a sale than make a fast sale knowing there will be problems. Problems do happen but it’s how you deal with them when they do that counts!”

Aquatics Express can supply an extensive range of ideal aquatic livestock and dry goods that cover all the hobbyists’ needs for tropical, coldwater, but with a primary focus on reef environments. But don’t look now! Craig is expanding his business across the North Sea.

“Last year I was lucky enough to meet a very keen hobbyist, Mark Burton. And he was so keen he got his hands in the tanks whenever he could to help out. His enthusiasm was infectious, together we have hatched some new plans”.

Mark has just returned to his home town in Evje in Norway where he has just launched Ocean Design. “Together we’ll be creating bespoke aquarium installations for clients all over Norway, taking the client from initial idea to stock selection, on to installation and then on to maintenance in the mold of ATM, but on a smaller scale, for now. Watch it, guys! ;)”

It was Mark that first contacted us at ATM, with the question we hear all the time: “What are you guys doing?? You can’t fill a tank with fish same day you fill with water?!” Craig explains, “The replies got us all thinking, and the demonstration videos made perfect sense, it has turned all my years of fish keeping knowledge on its head and we’re hooked.”

“We do not just believe hype. We have set up several of Mark’s tanks with Colony with proven results, and it works! Using a product like Colony means we can provide mature looking displays for our clients with in weeks instead of months. Putting anemones in tanks under 12 months old was unheard of before Colony and now we have them thriving in tanks a few weeks old!

Mark Burton's thriving anenome five weeks after system cycle with Colony

Clown fish marvel in disbelief at Mark Burton’s thriving anenome only five weeks after system cycle with Colony at Ocean Design, Norway

“We have been testing the product range and will continue to do so but so far we have great results which we will soon make available on our website. We have also contacted selected companies that we feel will be behind the ATM product line 100% and these retailers will be announced soon. We will be the sole UK wholesale distributor with some of the larger chains taking on the range to open it up to the whole of the UK. After our experience with these products we are confident this will get many more new reefers into the hobby.”

155 Magdalen Street
01603 628489

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