atm-christal-clear-watersChristal Clear Waters – Skirlaugh, UK

In the community of Skirlaugh in Hull, and not far from the North Sea, lies one of the newest premier aquatics stores in the UK.

Christal Clear Waters, owned and operated by Chris Ehlert, is a haven for aquarium enthusiasts new and experienced. After only three years, Christal Clear Waters has enjoyed great increases in their customer base.

That is because they have it all: Marine, tropical, and cold water livestock. The best supplies. Aquariums new and used. But to Chris Ehlert, the most important product they have to offer is free: Quality advice to go with that quality livestock.

“Our business has been built around honest quality advice”, says Ehlert. “We cover all aspects of fish keeping but we’ve always been attracted to keeping livestock that’s more specialist. But anyone who does come through our doors will all be given the same standard of care, whether you are purchasing a goldfish or looking for that extra special fish for your marine tank.”

Christal Clear Waters touts the largest selection of discus, and after a recent major upgrade to their facilities have the largest selection of marine livestock in the area with no exception.

Just recently, Christal Clear Waters has proudly taken on ATM Aquarium Products.

“All major brands are on our shelves and the ATM range is a great addition”, explains Ehlert. “We have had great feedback on the ATM range, which came as no surprise. This will not be a product that comes and goes. It’s already highly sought after and I’m sure the range will only grow bigger.”

Since the “Tanked” television show began airing, interest in aquariums has risen and the number of new enthusiasts has increased substantially. Ehlert has seen this trend.

“We have already seen a rise in the amount of people coming to our store after viewing “Tanked” and I am delighted we are such a big concern in our neck of the woods. We are more than capable of coping with even larger volumes of customers coming through.”

Look for The Shark at Christal Clear Waters.:

Christal Clear Waters
Skirlaugh Garden & Aquatic Center
Hull Road
HU11 5AH
01964 562413 ext 27



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