atm-dream-aquariumAqua Dreams Aquarium – Bergen, Norway

There is nothing we like more at ATM Aquarium Products than sharing our success with many around the world.  It has been a difficult task bringing the commercial quality message to the aquarium hobby, but as time has passed more and more are starting to connect with just how powerful ATM products are and continue to be amazed that they do exactly what they claim.

The winds of change are blowing in Norway as we share our latest Shark Chums Spotlight, Dream Aquarium in Bergen.  Michal Laskawski answers a few of our questions.

How did Dream Aquarium begin?
“It has always been a problem to buy quality fish and professional equipment in our city – Bergen (Norway).  Therefor we decided to start our own dream fish store. That was the beginning of Dream Aquarium, the only shop in our city which is focused on aquatic animals only. Now we have also a web shop, so you can buy from us wherever you live.  Our shop is a result of passion and respect for this amazing hobby. We are a team of crazy people who used to spend every kroner on fish. Now it’s even worse because instead of one fish or aquarium we buy hundreds of them .

What is your message to aquarium enthusiasts?
Everyone is welcome not only for shopping but also for a cup of good coffee and a chit chat. Time stops when you are in front of an aquariums… so come on, throw away your TV and get yourself some nice aquariums!

How have ATM products worked for you?
When Mark Burton of ATM Nordic told us of ATM products we laughed because it was too good to be true, but we trusted the shark and now we see that the products not only do what they say but surpass every expectation. ATM is the future of aquatics and we are proud to be the first store in Norway to carry the range and lead the way!”

 Dream Aquarium
Arefjord Road 329
5355 Knarrevik




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