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ATM products are known to be used not only by aquarists, but by all levels of aquaria from public aquariums to the home aquarium enthusiast.  Among those that utilize the awesome power of ATM formulas are fish wholesalers.  These are the trusted distributors of livestock from which your favorite LFS receives almost all of their inventory.

At a fish wholesaler, quality tools come at a premium due to the high demand of providing livestock the proper life support they need with the ever changing bio-load.  Global Marine Imports is one of Australia’s largest tropical fish wholesalers and we are proud to welcome them into the ATM family with a Shark Chums spotlight.

With us is Global Marine’s Joe Tran:

When was Global Marine formed and by whom?

Global Marine was started 31st January 2007 by Brett Smith and was acquired by Joe Tran 12/12/12 as part of Reef Octopus Australia( formed in 2006).

What services does Global Marine provide and to whom?

We are a wholesaler/import of live marine fish worldwide, supplying strictly to aquarium trade across Australia.   Also, we work closely with Auspac Marines in Philippines to ensure the highest quality of fish are imported.

How do you utilize ATM products at your operation?

Yes, we use Colony Marine to cycle tanks and Paradigm when fish come in from overseas and when we move fish from tank to tank to reduce the stress. We also found that by using Paradigm it helps to stimulate fish and keep them healthier in their new environment.

How do you see ATM products impacting home aquarium enthusiast?

We think it would be beneficial for home aquarists to use these high quality products from ATM to start and maintain quality water for their fish. It would be very enjoyable to us knowing that a quality products is being used where our fish will end up.

Look for the Shark at Global Marine Imports:

Global Marine Imports
Unit 11/38 Powers Road
Seven Hills, NSW 2147
+61 2 9838 9434



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