Interfish Aquatics – Yorkshire, UK

One of the longest established Marine shops in Yorkshire, Interfish Aquatics has been based in Osset, Wakefield for over 10 years. What is interesting about dealers that have been around so long is that they have a lot of wisdom to offer when it comes to how an LFS is run. Interfish strives to make it very simple and starts quality control at the most remedial levels.

The team at Interfish put together some answers to our questions.

What makes Interfish tick?

Our ethics here at Interfish is to provide healthy livestock with friendly knowledgeable staff at hand. Livestock health is most important to us. For instance, we quarantine all tangs for 10 days before going on sale to the public.

Tell us about your systems.

Fish are housed in a 2,500 Litre system which features a 6x 55W UV Steriliser which is also complimented with a red sea ozone unit. This is kept at an average ORP of 375, the UV bulbs are changed every 4 months without fail. All of our fish are fed 5 times a day to give them a varied healthy diet.

What separates you from other dealers?

We take great pride in providing ZERO tds water because we deem it very important that we get the basics right. We believe we are keepers of water not fish. Look after the water and the water will look after the tank. Certain fish will not be stocked at Interfish as we believe they should be left in the oceans. It’s about time we as hobbyists took more responsibility and left creatures such as batfish, sharks, rays and nautilus in their natural environment. We offer a good friendly service and a wealth of knowledge and experience whilst providing healthy well fed livestock.

How have ATM products made a difference at Interfish?

We like our staff to try new products at home to see what they are like so we can have firsthand experience to relate back to the customer. We first used Agent Green at home with brilliant results as it did what it said on the packaging, quickly and efficiently. We use Paradigm in the shop when we feed as a supplement which keeps our fish fat and healthy. Because we believe it isn’t right to destroy the reefs for live rock we now stock a dry manmade rock. In order to get the bacteria onto the rock when we set up new tanks we use ATM Colony with outstanding results. Every customer that has bought Colony from us and used it has loved it. Whether it’s a tank transfer or a new system Colony is the number one bacteria to add. Once you trust the shark there’s no going back.

Interfish Aquatics
The Old Chapel
Dewsbury Road
01924 267057



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