atm-kaleidoscopeKaleidoscope Aquatic Centre – Devon, UK

The aquatics business in the UK is like the wild west.  You have to be tough to survive.  That’s why it is impressive to see Kaleidoscope Aquatic Centre in Devon, UK coming up on its 20th year in business.

As a trusted Authorized Dealer of ATM Aquarium Products, we are proud to share their story as they approach this land mark.

What are the beginnings of Kaleidoscope?
Kaleidoscope moved to 142 Torquay road Paignton In Torbay in 1995. In 2003 it was acquired by former employee Ade who, along with long term marine keeper Daz, has turned Kaleidoscope Aquatic Centre in to one of the busiest outlets in the bay.

Why do you think Kaleidoscope has lasted this long?
We have friendly service and a put the customer first attitude. We feel confident we are able to provide the fish keeper, whether novice or experienced, with all the necessary advice needed to enjoy the hobby, and keep their fishy friends content.  And we keep an open mind.  We are always listening to our customers to ensure the best service possible.

We also supply all the major brands of aquariums, equipment, filtration spares and foods, and through our network of wholesalers we are able to order and procure many goods not carried in stock.

What is are some other things Kaleidoscope is best known for?
Our one hundred sales tanks and large indoor pond give a wide range of livestock options, including handpicked marine, fish and corals quality koi, tropical and freshwater fish.

How have ATM products worked for you?
ATM products have been a huge success for Kaleidoscope.  It has been a pleasure introducing customers from all over the country to a new revolution in quality professional grade products that really work.

Kaleidoscope Aquatic Centre
142 Torquay Road
Tel: 01803 524929





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