Marine Fish Direct – Sydney, Australia

Just outside of Sydney lies one of the most reputable tropical fish suppliers in the world.  Everyone in Australia knows of Marine Fish Direct because they ship their top quality fish all over the country.  

Wherever you find quality you find ATM.  We are proud to introduce the world to Marine Fish Direct as the newest member of our growing global family.

Now, we could explain Marine Fish Direct to you, or you could read one of the seemingly endless five-star ratings at  But better yet, we thought we’d give owner David Goss the floor to talk about his tight ship.

How does Marine Fish Direct keeps its impressive selection up all year?

We buy only the highest quality marine fish – the majority are from our exclusive supply network of suppliers around the globe . Having our own dedicated supply network means that we always have a plentiful selection of fish to choose from, even during seasons when fish are scarce.  We also obtain hard to get specimens, such as Achilles Tangs, French Angels, Queen Angels and even the rare Gem Tang! Our supply network includes Hawaii, The Carribean, Africa, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Red Sea and more!

We also offer a 7 day livestock guarantee on all marine fish purchased.

Your experience with ATM products is rather short, having just tested and brought in the products recently.  What is the customer response so far?  

We’ve had great feedback.  Customers tell us the products do exactly what they say they are supposed to do.

How has Global Marine Imports prepared for growth of the hobby in the “Tanked” era?

In Australia Marine Fish has always been a popular hobby, with the growth of Tanked this has become more exciting and convinced people who would not usually have an aquarium to look into getting into the hobby.

Look for the Shark at Marine Fish Direct:

Marine Fish Direct
Shop 3, 1 Exchange Parade
Narellan NSW 2570
02 8022 8418



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