Shark Chums Dealer Spotlight
Reef Valley
 – McAllen, TX

Reef Valley in McAllen, TX is a new destination for aquarium hobbyists in McAllen, TX. Also an ATM Trusted Affiliate, we had the pleasure of working with them during the process of opening their new store.

Already with a strong following, Reef Valley has earned the reputation of a quality LFS and full operation in their neck of the woods.

Owner Jose Milar has been an Authorized Dealer of ATM’s professional line of aquarium products since the beginning. Here’s what he has to say about his beautiful new store, Reef Valley, and working with ATM.

“At Reef Valley we specialize in saltwater fish and corals, we try hard to bring the healthiest and nicest fish available as well as coral colonies and frags. We want to promote a sustainable hobby by selling fragged corals, and captive breed fish. We also have nice selection of rare freshwater fish and plants. Aside from sales we also do maintenance, installations, relocations, and of course custom tanks with the help of our friends at ATM. We try hard to educate people so that they succeed and stay in this wonderful hobby, happy aquarium owners will recommend other people to join the hobby and that is always great for this industry.

We like the effectiveness of ATM products, Colony is our best selling product and our clients have been really happy with it. We have used ATM products in our tanks and we can assure they work.”

Reef Valley
920 n. 10 street suite 40
Mcallen, TX 78501



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