atm-tmi-brazilTropical Marine Imports – Curitiba, Brazil

Are you ready, Brazil? ATM Aquarium Products are headed your way! Due to great demand for ATM in Brazil we are very excited to be working with Tropical Marine Importadora as our exclusive distributor for our professional grade formulas.

Portugeuese Translation

With over 20 years of fish keeping as a hobby, and with two stores in Curitiba South of Brazil, Tropical Marine started its activities in 2010, working with imported ornamental fish and distributing throughout Brazil. They have just recently opened up a sales office in Sao Paulo assembled especially for the sale and distribution of ATM products.

With open minds and a pulse on the future of the hobby, Tropic Marine made a perfect fit for the ATM product line.

Tropical Marine Commercial Director, Rafael Ferreira Belo (pictured above left) discusses how the partnership came together.

“When the TV show ‘Tanked’ started here in Brazil, curiosity arose immediately about the products used on the TV show. To us, it seemed impossible to cycle an aquarium so fast and safely for the fish. We immediately sent an email to ATM with some questions about this process.

After some conversations with their consultants to understand how the products work, we imported samples of the products to replicate what we saw on the show. We decided to do a hard test with the products by setting up a 40L freshwater aquarium with 30 fish. This test aquarium consisted only of substrate, plants, and water. We then adapted parameters for Colony and followed the instructions.

We chose to use anabantids for the test and we put 30 units of varying sizes and species. Obviously this is not an advisable practice, but this is supposed to work right? The fish were all alive the next day and weeks after that. We were amazed at how quickly the aquarium cycled and with no ammonia and nitrite casualties! With our Outbreak! test we placed a small accumulation of organic material in the aquarium and also had unbelievable results. Over time the water quality was impressive despite the amount of fish. With the accumulation of organic material there was a peak of phosphate. We then added Agent Green and found removal fast and easy. The combination of these products worked together like an orchestra.

After such a test we think we need this product in Brazil! We need to show that there are reliable tools like these to make keeping a healthy aquarium easier! Surely, we can stimulate many people to have an aquarium with the use of ATM products. Our only complaint is that tools like these haven’t been available sooner!”

As of today, shipments are being packed and readied for their journey to Brazil. We thank Rafael and all at Tropical Marine Importadora for their diligence and hard work to bring our brand to our fans and fellow hobbyists in Brazil.




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