atm-tropical-pet-oasisTropical Pet Oasis – Parker, CO

Many months ago ATM was contacted by Tommy Steffens of Tropical Pet Oasis in Parker, CO.  The story went he would be opening up a new store in the area and was excited to get ATM involved in his opening.

Now, we hear a lot about dreams of stores opening that never come to fruition. This was different. Tommy had everything outlined on how it was going to go complete with timelines. Like a proud father expecting a new baby rather than a future business owner, Tommy marched forward.

ATM is very proud to announce Tropical Pet Oasis in Parker, CO is open for business!

Tropical Pet Oasis is a small family owned business with over 20 year of experience in maintaining and caring for freshwater, marine, and reef aquariums. they pride theirselves on their careful consideration and research that is made when choosing quality aquarium products and the equipment they stock carry.

“We only carry the highest quality product. Why? The main reason is the health and well-being of all your Fresh and Marine inhabitants. These products make it easier to care and maintain your aquarium so you can enjoy your hobby” explains Steffens. “We need to stay with the current trend in aquarium products and carry a wide variety of items to offer to the hobbyist. As an LFS we need to be knowledgeable on all the products and relay that knowledge to the hobbyist so they can make a good decision on the items they need or want. With new technology it has made keeping fish and corals easy with less work to maintain the tank.”

As an ATM Authorized Dealer, Tropical Pet Oasis leans on the entire spread of ATM Pro Formulas.

Steffens testifies: “Colony has been a huge assistance with the set up of aquariums for me. Colony has allowed TPO (Tropical Pet Oasis) and hobbyist to set up aquariums with aquatic life the same day we fill the tank with water. Outbreak has assisted with the natural break down of organics in a closed system aquarium, keeping the inhabitants healthier and happier. Makes life simpler and great”.

Tropical Pet Oasis opened its doors at the end of July and will be holding its Grand Opening celbration August 24th 2013 at 10:00 AM. Take advantage of grand opening specials and giveaways!

Tropical Pet Oasis
10336 Dransfeldt Road, Unit 12
Parker, Colorado 80134
(303) 590-5040



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